Amr ibn al-Aas

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Amr ibn al-ˤĀs (Arabic: عمرو بن العاص)was one of the glorious companions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Before embracing Islam he was one of the Quraish people who resisted Islam. After joining Islam, he became one of the brave leaders and fighters of Islam. He was also known for his great generosity. Born in 583 CE (40 BH) and leaving this world on 6th January 664 (28th Ramadhan 43) he was a military commander who is most noted for leading the Islamic conquest of Egypt in 640-641. He was a contemporary of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who rose quickly through the Makkan hierarchy following his conversion to Islam in the year 629 CE (7 AH).


Amr Ibn Al-As